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Oong Komar

Department of Non-Formal Education,
Faculty of Education Sciences, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

The research titled “A Study of the Correlation between Academic Performance and Competence/Job Performance of the Non-Formal Education Study Program” is prompted by the fact that managing and organizing a study program is crucial to maintain the institutional or organizational stability of the study program. The ability to influence other (management skill) is linked to leadership, namely the ability of an individual to make others respect him/her and do what she wants as a leader. The manager of a study program serves the role of managing and directing other people (his or her employees) to complete a job in order to meet the goal of the study program, namely becoming a competence-based study program. Competence (as expertise, skill, ability) refers to an individual’s attributes or characteristics that make him or her successful in his or her job. A study program motivates and solves the problems of its whole employees to improve their performance and working processes. The indicators of competence attainment of a leader include work experience, achievement motive, achievements, leadership in the activities of the organization that she leads, and relationship building based on the social activities she is involved in. Competence is absolute need because the challenges in the future are increasingly complex, ultimately due to the increasingly intense competition that requires highly complex and risky provision of services/products. Competition is no longer at the local level only, but also regional and international levels, thereby necessitating efforts of improving the quality in encountering employment competition. The present research aims to analyse the relationship between qualifications of a study program through the formulation of competence/job performance and the difficulties encountered by graduate users in describing the jobs appropriate for graduates of Non Formal Education Study Program. The research will provide solutions to the future challenges concerning the increasingly intense competition in complex and risky provision of services/products, which absolutely requires improvement in the quality of the competence to face competition in employment, not only at the local, but also regional and international levels. It adopted a survey approach using the techniques of interviews and questionnaire distributed to a sample of research objects, namely an nonformal education study program and its graduates. The research resulted in a model of the relationship between qualifications of nonformal education study program and the competence of its graduates as a recommendation a model of competence-based management of study program for the improvement of the quality of nonformal education services in the coming years.

Topic: Administration and Management in Special Education

PermaLink: http://icream.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=87

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