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The Ideal of Learning Leadership in Primary School
Asep Suryana, Jeaeni SF, Rasto

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

The study aims to identify the manifestation of learning leadership characteristics in school. Further, it also explores the idea of leadership as a part of learning process throughout human life. In order to meet the purpose of the research, the qualitative approached was employed, as it is in line with this particular study which is descriptive in nature. The data was gathered through the utilization of the semi-structural interview with two different respondents in two different primary school. In accordance with many of the previous theories regarding the learning leadership, it is found that the application of learning leadership aids the leader of both of the schools to be a better leader. The improvement and the successful of the program indirectly derived from the manifestation of the characteristics of learning leadership namely faith in oneself, the aspiration towards excellence, the tenacity to challenge themselves, the engagement of support from others, and the continuous deliberate practice. Through the act of learning, the leader will evolve toward the betterment and so will the organization.

Topic: Education Policy and Leadership

PermaLink: http://icream.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=86

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