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Managing Heutagogy for Sustainopreneurship in The Technology and Information Era
Ahmad Kultur Hia

Program Study of Educational Administration, Indonesia University of Education
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 229 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

One of main issues in entrepreneurship training is learning process sustainability. The participants are not equipped with the ability to plan, organize, implement and evaluate learning in realizing the sustainability of the business run independently. The availability of information technology has not been enabled to encourage changes to entrepreneurship training practices including for post-training pensions. The economic creation value by the fulfillment of the obligation to maintain balance, diversity, sustainability of value for the next generation and the environment is an ongoing process. The aim of this study is to find how managing heutagogy for for sustainopreneurship among pensions in technology and information era . The total of samples is 45 pensioners. The finding shows that self directed learning from pedagogy to andragogy then to the heutagogy as a continuum which supported by ICT can encourage more sustainable behavior change. Principles of sutainability in self directed learning such as holistic, diversity, sustainability and balance are developed by optimizing information and technology functions.
The success of realizing sustainopreneurship behavior is an on going. It‘s process is influenced by the ability to manage self-directed learning by optimizing ICT functions.

Topic: Educational Administration

PermaLink: http://icream.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=46

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