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Inconsistency between importance and implementation of instructional improvement
Umiati Jawas, Ph. D

Faculty of Languages and Literature, Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang, Indonesia

Empirical findings have shown that schools where the principals were reported to be more focused on instructional practices outperformed students in schools where such leadership focus was absent. This study examines the perception and practices of principals to improve instruction in their school. Using a cross sectional questionnaire survey, the principal respondents were asked to rate the importance of five practices of improving instruction: providing regular teaching feedback, increasing teachers’ qualifications, facilitating professional development programs for teachers, improving curriculum, and increasing instructional standards. The respondents were also asked to report their current frequency of implementing those practices. The output of Spearman’s rho correlation test suggested a very weak relationship between the perceived importance and current frequency of the practices. It means that the degree of importance given to these practices is not consistent with their current frequency of implementation. This inconsistency may explain Indonesia’s unsatisfactory educational performance as measured in several international indexes.

Topic: Education Policy and Leadership

PermaLink: http://icream.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=3

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