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The Contribution of Internal and External Monitoring on School Performance in Kota Binjai Junior High School
Muhammad Arifin

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara

This study aims to determine the contribution of internal monitoring of the perfomance Junior High School (SMP) in Kota Binjai, to determine the contribution of external monitoring of the performance of Junior High School in Kota Binjai, to determine the contribution of internal monitoring and external monitoring of Junior High Scchool Performance in Kota Binjai. This study is descriptive research because they saw between variable contribution of research. The population of this study are all Junior High School in Kota Binjai amounted to 488 people, while the research sample is determine as much as 10% of the total population, so the total sample are 49 teacher. Instument use to collect data was Likert Scale questionnaire. Data analysis is done by statistical appoarch using SPSS programme for analysis of test requirements, including test for normality and linearity line. Techniques of data analysis used correlation analysis and simple regression and multiple, then partial correlation techniques. Test of linearity between internal monitoring (X1) has a correlation each other or shows character of independence, can be known from the value of significance with the criteria f and t tes, if significance with a signicance with a significant level of 0,05. The research conludes that there is a positive contribution and sifnificance of Internal Monitoring Variable (X1) on School Performance (Y) of 41,1%. There is a positive contribution and significance of variabel external monitoring (X2) on School Performance (Y) of 50,4%. Jointly Internal Monitoring Contribution (X1) and Monitoring External (X2) on School Performance (Y) of 56,7% and the remaining 43,3% is estimated from other variable non included in this study. These findings indicate that the performance of the principals management is still low, especially on the management, supervision and internal coaching. The lack of internal monitoring to the school is worried that it will impact school residents such as teachers, staff and students. Paying attention to this principal should be able to further develop aspects of Internal Supervision considering the principal meripakan spearhead managerial school. Likewise, external monitoring, although from the results of external supervision analysis obtained a positive contribution and significance to school performance. In reality, however, most of the external supervision that the school committee executes has not yet met its optimal performance targets. This situation has implications for the low level of cooperation and coordination between the school committee and the principal.

Topic: Educational Administration

PermaLink: http://icream.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=24

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