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Relationship of Economic Status, Attitudes and Participation of Market Citizens to the Environment
Lilis Karwati(a*);Ishak Abdul Hak(b)

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and
universitas siliwangi

ABSTRACT: : Based on the objective condition, the participation of market residents has not shown any improvement in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, therefore it is necessary to examine whatfactors can improve the attitude of market residents in maintaining hygiene, and the result of community identification is a contributing factor to community participation in maintaining environmental hygiene through the planting of clean and healthy living culture early on, in line with that, then put forward the formulation of the problem of how the Status of Economics and Attitudes to the Environment with Market Citizen Participation in Maintaining Environmental Hygiene. This study was conducted by using descriptive method with quantitative approach. analysis of relationships between variables is done by using statistical analysis. From the analysis of market participation activities of market residents in maintaining environmental hygiene shows the difference in attitude of market citizens based on the economic level of society in the participation of market residents to maintain environmental hygiene. Effective test result of economic status of attitudes and participation in fact there are differences in scor obtained from the level of economic status of the community The results of research there is a relationship between economic status with the participation of market participants in maintaining cleanliness of the environment, the higher the economic status and the better the attitude towards the environment, the better market participation rate of market citizens in maintaining environmental hygiene.

Topic: Economic and Finance in Education

PermaLink: http://icream.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=232

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