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Quality Management of Elementary School
Muhammad Sahnan

Universitas Bung Hatta


Elementary school is a formal educational institution should be managed properly, so that the quality of education can always be improved. In the last decade developing a new vision and paradigm in the management of general education, and primary schools in particular. If the previous era school is seen as part of the educational bureaucracy, then now this school is an institution that serves the community. This paradigm shift has important implications in the management of quality sekolah.Manajemen Elementary School is an approach to run a business that tries to maximize the competitiveness of the school through continuous improvement over the out put, people, processes and the environment. Quality management is a way to organize all educational resources, which are directed to all those involved in carrying out the task with vigor and to participate in improving the implementation of the work so as to produce the corresponding services atatu exceed customer requirements. The success of some of the concepts of quality management in the field of education has led many managers of educational units to apply the concepts and principles, with modifications in accordance with the interests. Quality management Primary School has at least five things: (1) focus on the user, (2) the total involvement of all members, (3) measurement, (4) commitments and changes, and (5) improvement continuously.

Topic: Administration and Management in Primary School

PermaLink: http://icream.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=123

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